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23 August 2005

The Abbey of ECoL

No, not really an abbey, but an update on our beloved sisters in the service of Eris, Goddess of Confusion (also known as the RNG). Please welcome koalacat and Threesomes into the Order!

That means our list of titles is as follows:

The Girls:
  • J Jiggalicious: High Priestess of Sexy Jiggling
  • Sophinator: Our Lady of Inebriation
  • maraM2449: Keeper of the Tickly Secrets and High Priestess of Cleavage
  • Rubber_Toast: Beatifier of Bouncy Breakfast Foods
  • koalacat: Sister of Drunken Debauchery
  • Threesomes: Our Lady of Maple-Flavored Naughtiness
  • Mariasha: Sister of Necessary Violence
The Guys:
  • St. Dumas: Patron saint of hula hoops and round things
  • OldJanitor: Pope Of the Broom Closet, Finder of Secrets in the Trash and Exquisitioner
  • TankBoy: Sergeant at Arms and Lord Enforcer
  • Sentry22:Deacon of Smackdown
  • Saint Fnordius: Founder and Polyfather


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