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25 August 2005

How ECoL got its drugs

There was once a cabal that ws in dire need of drugs. The Polyfounder (Polyfather, or whatever) was low on Ritalin. Several of the brothers and sisters needed their herbs. Seeds were not being planted, and the Deacon of Smackdown frowned mightily upon the illicit usage of certain pharmaceuticals.

It then came to pass that Eris, She who we also know as the RNG, spoke to Saint Fnordius, saying "Keep ye an eye open for a young Briton, who bears much knowledge of these things. He shall be your new Friar, your Herbalist." The good saint trembled, but that was because some damn fool had left the window open.

Years went by, and the promised Briton never showed up. The Polyfounder lost his patience, and nominated the next person who came in the door, a scraggly bum named Elmo.

Seriously, all welcome Elmo, our new Friar of Pharmaceuticals. Just don't let the Deacon of Smackdown catch you...


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