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05 October 2005

He said, She said...

He said, "You've become as cold as the iron manacles we used last night."

She said, "Come on, just once more? I'll warm them up this time!"

He said, "Warm manacles cannot make up for a cold supper. Or at least use the Lube I bought you...Please."

She said, "Well one of your personalities is giving way, at least! Warm manacles and hot oils - that's my final offer."

He said, "We'll take turns this time."

She said, "You said that before when we did watersports. I'm not falling for that trick again."

He said, "You're the one who started the watersports."

She whined, "But I didn't get
my turn!"

He said, "I can't be blamed if you can't hold your beer."


Anonymous Thou Shalt Perish said...

FNORDius?!??!?!... *Spasam*

And good ol' thinly veiled inuendo

9:56 am, August 10, 2006  

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