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15 May 2007

Life imitates art

The internet is all abuzz about how Microsoft is now claiming that Free Software infringes upon 235 patents held by Microsoft. One little interesting detail, though, is how they won't way which patents are being infringed, lest the free software developers and FS-friendly lawyers make them irrelevant.

I just can't get past the way this resembles a Monty Python sketch. I can see it now...

JOHN CLEESE: "You've trespassed upon my property!"

GRAHAM CHAPMAN: "I did not."

CLEESE: "You did! You did! You owe me a toll!"

CHAPMAN: "I wasn't aware that I did. Where did I step on your property?"

CLEESE: "...I won't tell you."

CHAPMAN: "What? Why not?"

CLEESE: "If I told you, then you'd find a route that doesn't cross my property. That would ruin my chances of collecting a toll in the future, now, wouldn't it?"

CHAPMAN: "You are a very silly man and I have no intention of paying."

CLEESE: "THERE! You did it again! Now pay up!"

CHAPMAN: "No. Go away."


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