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Random utterances and musings from the now-defunct Hermetic Order of Knights under Munich.

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27 July 2005

The Deacon of Smackdown

That's my new title for Sentry22. Wish him luck in his crusade/jihad/whatever against LIA, a truly dangerous organisation.

I'll write more the more later...

24 July 2005

The High Priestess of Sexy Jiggling

There's a new High Priestess in the Kingom of Loathing. J Jiggalicious is the High Priestess of Sexy Jiggling. She can be found using her sexy, jiggly skills to heal the denizens of /normal, all who are in dire need of her attention.


22 July 2005

Icky wonky colourings of DOOM

I'm redesigning the stylesheet for the blog by hand. That means dissecting Mr. Zeldman's template piece by piece, and some colours my look a little wrong. Bear with me.

Yet another member in the Church hierarchy

The Church of ECoL is growing as fast as I can think up titles. The newest member is the lovely and talented Sophinator. She shall be known to us as Our Lady of Inebriation.

Update: And yet another title: Rubber_Toast is hereby the Beatifier of Bouncy Breakfast Foods

21 July 2005

A cabal is you!


The Erisian Cabal of Loathing is a non-prophet church, open to any who agree to be silly and confusing. Religious titles come and go; only those listed here are semi-permanent (unless you record it yourself).

The ECoL is slightly related to the Hermetic Order of Knights under Munich (HOKuM), but Membership in HOKuM requires proving in person that the applicant is a real human beng and not something else in disguise (like acabbage or rutebaga).


Saint Fnordius: Episkopos and Polyfounder

St. Dumas: Patron saint of hula hoops and round things

OldJanitor: Pope Of the Broom Closet, Finder of Secrets in the Trash and Exquisitioner

maraM2449: Keeper of the Tickly Secrets and High Priestess of Cleavage

TankBoy: Sergeant at Arms and Lord Enforcer

More to come...